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Producer Ryan Murphy Calls 'Pose' the 'Highlight of My Career'

Thursday Jul 12, 2018

Prolific producer/writer/director Ryan Murphy has helped create a number of groundbreaking TV series in his career, including "Glee," "American Horror Story" and "American Crime Story." But the out showrunner recently confessed that the drama "Pose," which features the largest cast of transactors in TV history, is the "highlight of my career," Deadline reports.

The FX show, set in '80s New York City, explores the ballroom voguing scene. The series features five trans women of color as regulars and also has over 100 transactors and crew members. Murphy's recent comments came during a panel discussion with Janet Mock, a trans activist who serves as a writer on "Pose." She also made TV history this week, becoming the first trans woman of color ever to direct a TV show. Mock helmed the episode "Love is the Message," and opened up about the opportunity.

"Directing was never on my list of things," she said, according to Deadline. "I didn't think it was a possibility."

Murphy, who co-created "Pose" alongside Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals, changed her mind after he read her memoir "Redefining Realness." The producer insisted she direct.

"How I got here was through writing about myself, through telling the truth, through committing to telling my story - a story I hadn't yet seen," Mock said. "My book is the first book I've ever seen written by a trans person of color, in terms of trans memoir. So that's how all started. And I think that book got to Ryan in some way, and he saw something there, and he said, 'Leave the world of books and come to TV.' "

Deadline reports that Murphy added: "I'd known of Janet's writing and thought she was a wonderful writer and we were putting together this world. I always say 'Janet Mock for president,' because she is that kind of person."

Read more about Murphy and Mock discussing "Pose," directing, the LGBTQ community and more via Deadline.


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