This Week with The Gronk: Butt Balloon Bursting

Monday July 6, 2020

Rob Gronkowski on CBS's "Game On"
Rob Gronkowski on CBS's "Game On"  (Source:CBS)

After his graceful turn dancing with a rainbow ribbon, Rob Gronkowksi (aka The Gronk) returned to the CBS show "Game On" where he attempted to make Guinness Book of World Records history this week.

"Rob Gronkowksi popped balloons with his butt to try and set a world record during Wednesday's episode of the Game On! show on CBS," reports the Daily Mail.

The challenge was to score the Most Balloons Burst by Sitting in One Minute, and making it official, a representative from the Guinness Book was on hand to referee.

When host Keegan Michael-Key asked which member of Team Gronk was going to "put his 'gluteus' to the 'maximus,'" the captain quickly volunteered.

"It's got to be me," said Gronkowski. "I bring the booty... and the beast."

"Are you going to squeeze your butt or are you going to keep it loose," asked comic Ian Karmel, a member of the rival Team Venus.

"I am going to pop, lock and drop it," Gronkowski replied.

As Gronkowski's teammates, WWE wrestler Becky Lynch and comedian Bobby Lee, placed the balloons under his butt, comedian Joel McHale (from Team Venus) quipped: "Watch your hands, cause they will shatter under that butt."

"Rob gamely tried to break the record for balloon popping, throwing his hands up and making faces as he repeatedly squashed red and blue balloons," wrote the Daily Mail.

"But under the watchful eye of a Guinness Book judge, he only managed to pop 27 with his bottom, never getting close to the world record of 123."

Watch his butt crunch the opposition below:

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