EDGE Rewind: Watch: Actor Dylan O'Brien is Fully Aware that You're Thirsty for Him

Tuesday January 31, 2023
Originally published on August 10, 2022

Dylan O'Brien in the trailer for "Not Okay."
Dylan O'Brien in the trailer for "Not Okay."  (Source:YouTube still)

EDGE is reaching into its archive and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past.

Dylan O'Brien, who stars in the new film "Not Okay" now streaming on Hulu, is the latest actor to sit down with BuzzFeed and examine fans' thirsty tweets.

It should come as no surprise that O'Brien as a thirst following — given his super popular Twitter account and the fact he recently appeared in a revealing Interview Magazine spread.

"This is just going to get insane," O'Brien, 30, says at the start of the video clip.

After reading a few mundane thirst tweets, the "Teen Wolf" star asks BuzzFeed to give him the thirstiest of the thirstiest.

"Dylan O'Brien could still [redacted] my [redacted] and [redacted] till he [redacted]," one tweet reads, sparking O'Brien to burst out laughing. "That one is my favorite so far," he added.

"I cannot stress this enough Dylan O'Brien in 'Maze Runner' could literally break my back like a glow stick," another tweet reads — again O'Brien began to laugh and said, "I love that one...and then it lights up."

"My bussy belongs to Dylan O'Brien," read another tweet. "Let's go!" O'Brien responded.

Watch the hilarious video below.