Review: Sharon Stone's 'The Beauty Of Living Twice' is Filled With Personal Triumph and Revealing Truths

by Bill Biss

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday April 16, 2021
Originally published on April 16, 2021

Review: Sharon Stone's 'The Beauty Of Living Twice' is Filled With Personal Triumph and Revealing Truths

There is nothing basic about Sharon Stone's instincts. Sharon is a person, Sharon is an actress. Sharon Stone is a survivor. That leads all of those who admire and respect her to answer the eternal question of, "What happened?" It was a brain bleed that Sharon Stone survived. She is doing fine now, thankfully. Thank goodness for all her family, friends and truly loved ones who helped and rallied around her, who had faith she would survive.

I could not imagine being in her shoes, but I can tell ya... and I know she would revel at the thrill of her throwing those chips up in the air in "Casino" and her smile when she walked out. That was a mythical moment. There is a lot of personal triumph in "The Beauty of Living Twice." I don't want to spill all the beans of her autobiography. If you care, you care. If you don't, you don't. I cared.

Sharon Stone's book is so personal. There is so much that Sharon Stone has to say that is relatable on many levels. So much about her youth, so much about her family and her mother and father in her autobiography. It's to be admired for sharing this. She is a single mother now of three boys... boys to men. She loves them so. Let the facts of life lead you into a place where you can be content, and know that for Sharon Stone to share her story is worthy of its own place in accomplishments.

Sharon Stone has been called "The last living movie star." So it goes without saying that she brings the reader in to her film career. From exhibiting her star quality in "Stardust Memories" (directed by Woody Allen) to trying to kick Arnold Schwarzenegger's ass in "Total Recall" to her breakout starring role as Catherine Tramell in "Basic Instinct." Sharon's recollections on these films and working with Robert DeNiro in "Casino" are revealing, savvy, and smart.

It must be remembered that Sharon Stone is a worldwide activist; her fundraising and awareness on the scene for AMfar and several AIDS charities is remarkable, as is her quest to help impoverished countries. There is definitely a spiritual aspect to Stone to discover and think about in "The Beauty of Living Twice." Other than getting to know her past, it's rewarding to hear her aspect and beliefs over the years and now.

"The Beauty of Living Twice" by Sharon Stone is available now from Knopf for $27.95