Watch: Andy Cohen Says He's Not Dating Anderson Cooper

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday January 7, 2022
Originally published on January 6, 2022

After he delivered a slurring indictment of outgoing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's performance on New Year's Eve, Andy Cohen has been the talk of the town.

While appearing on an episode of "The Howard Stern Show" this week, Cohen recapped his infamous New Year's Eve hosting gig.

He also dropped a major bombshell about his relationship with Anderson Cooper. For the umpteenth time, Anderson says they are just friends, and he explains why.

"What is it about Anderson Cooper that keeps you from falling in love with him?" Stern asked Cohen.

"I just think it's not what our relationship is based on. We're just friends; that's not a part of it. I think, at this point, we know each other too well. We're not attracted to each other in that way," Cohen explained.

Listen to the full interview below.