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Rugby Player Sentenced to 12 Months for Anti-Gay Attack

Monday August 31, 2020

Lewis Alexander
Lewis Alexander  (Source:Heddlu Gwent Police )

A 23-year-old British rugby player was sentenced to a year in prison for an assault in which he berated the victim for being gay and knocked out two front teeth, reports the South Wales Argus.

Lewis Alexander received the yearlong sentence in connection with an attack against Geraint Healy. The assault took place at a house party in July, the report said. Alexander and a number of others were in the house after having been drinking in a pub. Healy asked Alexander to leave the premises "because of his drunken behavior," the Argus reported, at which point, according to the prosecutor in the case, Alexander "motioned to headbutt Mr. Healy but didn't."

Shortly afterward, however, Alexander approached Healy as the latter was sitting on a sofa and "punched him with significant force in the mouth," the prosecutor recounted.

Healy, the court heard, requires "restorative dental treatment."

The prosecutor went on to say that Alexander also bit another man who attempted to help Healy. Alexander pled guilty to two counts of "causing actual bodily harm," the article said,

Alexander's lawyer told the judge that Alexander was "very remorseful" and that he's "a very hard working young man," adding, "When he is sober, he has excellent qualities."

In sentencing Alexander, the judge referred to the anti-gay language that accompanied the attack as an "aggravating feature," and noted that Alexander had "a previous conviction for violence."

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