Tucker Carlson Devotes Segment to Viagra as Potential COVID Treatment

Monday January 10, 2022

Last week the British tabloid the Sun reported on the case of a British woman who recovered from COVID after being given Viagra. Monica, a 37-year-old nurse, "was just 72 hours from her ventilator being turned off when medics had the idea to use the erectile dysfunction drug," wrote The Sun.

She recovered to be home for Christmas and thanked her doctors who administered her the popular e.d. drug, calling her recovery her "Christmas miracle."

At best, Viagra as a COVID treatment is a novel theory, but apparently, it caught the eye of popularly unpopular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who dedicated a segment on his Friday show to promote the theory.

"Tucker Carlson and Dr. Marc Siegel, a medical contributor with the popular cable network, discussed the possibility that Viagra could be a viable treatment for COVID-19, citing an anecdotal example and a study out of Chile," Newsweek said.

"Who thought Viagra would save us from the pandemic?" Carlson asked. "Dr. Marc Siegel may have predicted it," he said before "introducing one of the network's top medical contributors, who listed off a series of claims about the drug's effectiveness as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension and altitude sickness, among other things," Salon said.

"Is there anything [Viagra] doesn't cure?" Carlson quipped.

To give the theory some weight, Siegel cited a study "just published out of Chile, in a journal called 'Critical Care,' found that this patient studied did not go on the respirator who got Viagra. And they actually went out of the hospital sooner."

"Siegel," Newsweek said, "went on to explain that Viagra isn't just used for erectile dysfunction, saying it's used for 'lung problems' and 'improves blood flow to the lungs.' He said it treats a range of lung conditions, including pulmonary hypertension and altitude sickness. 'It makes something called nitric oxide," he explained, noting that COVID-19 "decreases' this molecule."

"There were several studies around the world that if you inhaled that nitric oxide, your lungs did a lot better with COVID. Japan, China, Scandinavia all had studies like this showing a big improvement with nitric oxide — just what Viagra does," Siegel said.

"So, I think this is the beginning of something and further studies are going on, and I think this is a potential treatment," the doctor continued.