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Watch: Barry Keoghan's 'Saltburn' Bathtub Scene Finds its Way into Sabrina Carpenter's Coachella Set

Kilian Melloy READ TIME: 2 MIN.

Barry Keoghan's bathwater-guzzling scene in "Saltburn" is the gift that keeps on giving. Now the viral moment has cropped up at Coachella, where Sabrina Carpenter, who's also Keoghan's girlfriend, cited it in a song during her April 19 set on the festival's second weekend.

Just Jared reported that Carpenter was winding up her Coachella rendition of "Nonsense" when the now-iconic scene ended up becoming part of the lyrics.

"In a video of her performance, Sabrina can be heard singing, 'Made his knees so weak he had to spread mine. He's drinking my bath water like it's red wine'," JJ relayed. "Coachella see you back here when I headline'," Carpenter added.

The riff reads like a sly double entendre that references Keoghan's star-making turn in the erotic thriller even as it lays claim to the 31-year-old Irish actor, whose nude scenes in the movie – including a naked dance set to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's "Murder on the Dancefloor" – made him a breakout star.

The stunning scene of bathwater slurping takes place just after Keoghan's character, Oliver Quick, has witnessed his friend Felix – a young nobleman who has invited Quick to stay at his family estate with him for the summer – masturbating in an ornate tub.

When Felix leaves the room, Oliver races to the tub in time to suck up Felix's semen before it can go down the drain.

That moment, along with the naked dance and a few other daring scenes, shocked audiences when the film premiered on Amazon Prime, and made "Saltburn" the talk of the internet.

The public has been obsessed with Keoghan's performance since the film's release on Prime late last year, and while the naked dance (which Keoghan says did not involve the use of a prosthetic penis) has provoked the thirstiest response from fans, the scene in which Oliver slakes his own thirst for Felix may be unparalleled for sheer visceral impact.

"It's not clear whether Barry was in the audience" for the April 19 set, JJ relayed; "however he was present to support Sabrina during her Coachella set on April 12."

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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